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The perfect man

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To Tom Hiddleston's everything! With particurlar emphasis on Tom Hiddleston's personality.

Lilith by Tom Bagshaw by LeenaDea

Tom Bagshaw - Lilith I love the gray skin and the black eyes

And I shall contemplate your contemplation.

I shall sit here and contemplate about how attractive I am. {Go forth, Tom Hiddleston}

My board has been signed by Tom Hiddleston, your argument is invalid

our board has been signed by Tom Hiddleston. Your argument is invalid <<< I don't even care about the "signed account" shit I just love Toms face

Ahahaha! Somewhere in the world, someone is misquoting Shakespeare. I can sense it.

Tom's Shakespeare-senses are tingling -- I love Tom Hiddleston so much

Yes to all but I would prefer black ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

loki-li-cious: “ I prefer black but all are good ” Any - I don’t care about the hair. It’s the man I want.

10 Sexy Tom Hiddleston GIFS That Will Make You Fall in Love with Him (Again)

10 Sexy Tom Hiddleston GIFS That Will Make You Fall in Love with Him (Again)

Tom Hiddleston / 19 Lingering Gazes That Will Legit Make You Lose Your Train Of Thought

In case you're having a bad day, loves

I really am having a bad day. This helped so much! If only you could save gifs!

After he was done singing he juggled in the car:

Here's the full clip:

Watching Tom Hiddleston Sing "Stand By Me" Will Make You Involuntarily Smile. And makes it very hard for me to hate LOKI!