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Alright Guys

The Fangirl Oath. Pledge allegiance to your fandoms. It's the fangirl version of the pledge to Artemis! :D <<< not in that fandom but I'm taking the oath!

If I did this I would look like a freaking Xmas tree because green + red + black

If I did this I would look like a freaking rainbow bc green+red+yellow+pink+brown+orange

all of the above

I am every single one of these thank you very much. This is pretty much my life. This=My life Tribute Demigod Shadowhunter Vampire Timelord Narnian Jedi Sith Hero Hunter Initiate Avenger Bender Consulting Detective Potterhead Wereworlf God

Fandom Academy

Fandom Things on

Fandom Academy<--- why are we not funding this?<---that comment lol<<<<<< what if I'm in multiple Fandoms<< I think you can go from place to place!< it can be like hogwarts! Your first fandom it your house!<<< lol and needs a bigger library

"Is it sad that I automatically said Harry Potter...then wondered what the printer had to with it..." <-- I thought the exact same thing!

harry potter divergent hunger games percy Jackson and the last one i just everything lol what is my life

All the time!! #KDramas #Koreanfever ❤  ::)

excuse me? I spend my LIFE crying over fictional character deaths. Does this qualify me for any Excessively-Loyal-Fangirl awards? Is that a thing? Much love, The Sobbing Fangirl