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billy eliot

things musicals taught me: Billy Elliot

Peter Pan ~ Things Musicals Taught Me, ~ ☮ Broadway Musical Quotes ☮

Peter Pan things musicals taught me just keep an open mind, and then suddenly, you'll find Never Never Land.

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things musicals taught me: Billy Elliot

Or in my case, the audience members in the "Splash Zone..." I was having the time of my life and I got a little carried away... I wasn't really in trouble, they just got a little wetter than they thought they would. Nothing can get between me, a finale on closing night, a raining theatre, and people in ponchos... And some people not in ponchos... One of my best theatre memories.

Things musicals taught me: Singin' In The Rain: if you dance in a puddle (in the rain), you'll get in trouble with the cops

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Willy Wonka things-musicals-taught-me

Things Willy Wonka taught me: Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker!

You can't hide from your problems; you have to face them.  - The Sound of Music

things musicals taught me give-my-regards-to-ole-broadway-and-tell-them-i-ll

Things musicals taught me...The Addams Family: There is no such thing as normal.

Addams Family ~ Things Musicals Taught Me, ~ ☮ Broadway Musical Quotes ☮

Try all of it. The rest is Disney.

i now need to get a larger ipod to fit more onto

When you know the notes to sing

Sol do la fa mi do re Sol do la ti do re do

Things musicals have taught me!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Things Musicals Taught Me)

Billy Elliot One of the most celebrated, award-winning musicals on stage today, Billy Elliot has been dazzling London's West End since 2005.

Things Musicals Taught Me

Thank you Mary Poppins.  Honestly, probably the most inspirational song I've EVER heard.

Mary Poppins ~ Things Musicals Taught Me, ~ ☮ Broadway Musical Quotes ☮


No one mourns the WICKED) but I love how someone points out the monkey noises!

Love this quote from BRIGADOON at Sacramento Music Circus August 5 - 10, 2014. For tickets and info:

Things Musicals Taught Me

I'd forgotten I wanted to do this. I loved the movie "The Sound of Music" as a child, and I desperately wanted to run up a hillside and sing my heart out. I totally understood Maria from the get-go. =) =)

Things Musicals Taught Me - Sound Of Music