Which Camera Lens is Right For You?

Which camera lens is right for you? 8 questions to ask yourself before you buy a new lens to figure which one will suit you best!

Good Cleaning video How to Clean Your DSLR Sensor and Mirror----wow! I saw dirt on my mirror last month, and it's been bothering me ever since. (luckily it hasn't affected the pictures, though)

10 Things to Do with your New Camera - helpful tips for all camera owners + FREE Checklist

I recently upgraded my camera, moving from my beloved Nikon to the fancy (and super lightweight) Nikon I'm going to share my thoughts on this camera

Top Posts on Lenses and Accessories

Today's post highlights top posts covering lenses and accessories. Previous top posts have covered camera settings, aperture, exposure, phone photography, DIY p

Top 5 Posts about Camera Settings

In honor of the New Year, Boost Your Photography will spend the month of January featuring collections of top posts across a variety of topics. This opening pos

Sometimes I forget how long I've been doing this photography thing. I forget how many years it's been, how things have changed, and wh.

What the Numbers on your Lens Mean

I& run into this a few times with students that feel embarrassed to ask what all the numbers on the lens mean. There& no reason to feel embarrassed, it is confusing.

50 Must-Have Camera Accessories

must have camera accessories - While a well-designed DSLR is high-powered on its own, these must-have camera accessories will help solve common photography challenges. Whether yo.

What do the numbers on your lens mean?

I've covered a fair bit on lenses this past week, comparing different focal lengths and understanding lens compression, and I thought I'd rewind a bit for any new photographers, and talk about what the numbers on the lens mean.