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Teamet bakom ishotellet i Jukkasjärvi planerar en hållbar tillbyggnad som kommer vara öppen året runt, och innefatta 20 nya suiter, bar och galleri.
Ishotellet i Jukkasjärvi firar 25 år ‹ Dansk inredning och design
Hanging Restaurant, Belgium A 50-meters-above-ground dining event arranged by a professional event arranger of Benji Fun company. It provides seating for 22 complete with Chef, server, musician and you can select your own location without limitation. Guaranteed safety with the hoisting crane which can accommodate a whole band of musicians.
Sweden's Iconic Ice Hotel Found a Sustainable Way to Remain Open Year-Round - My Modern Met
In Dubai, every room has a pool i can't imagine how much it would cost! But i would love to stay in it
Ice Hotel, Norway - Oh. My. Gosh! I want to go here with Micah! (He needs to get on pinterest lol)
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Atlantis Dubai's underwater hotel
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Songjiang Hotel, Chine