by Pascal Campion Como cuando comienzo a querer tenerte en mi futuro ♡

Pascal Campion- "your regular friend didn't saw you crying, but your true friend's shoulder is soaked with your tears.

A dog and a book

A dog and a book

Pensive. #pascalcampion

Quicky mc quicky sketch… I had this one squar-ish pastel-ish brush and I thought…hey. Turns out I do pretty much the same thing as usual.

Love this artists work

style illustration by modern-day artist, Brittney Lee: 'Morning Fog'

pascal campion

Late night topics -So. -It was pretty good -That’s it? Just pretty good? -Meh… there were some good parts… like when Han Solo and Chewie appeared on.

"What are you doing New Year's Eve?" (I'm such a sap and have been listening to this song on loop for the past week 🎄😭)

pascalcampion: “Caption that! I had an idea. wasn’t sure how to get across.I’m actually curious to figure out what you guys would caption this one as… ”