A mummer's mask was worn during the Black Plague primarily by physicians who cared for the dying. It was shaped like a raven's beak and filled with rose or other flower petals to cover the smell of death.


"I searched for the raven to guide me in the dark forest." The picture in a small series. ~ Stock used: forest: *anaRasha-stock ravens: *unholy-stock texture frame: ~pareeerica lantern: =Pieceo.

Skeleton Dress, 1938 - Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali

"The Skeleton Dress" Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali. Ambers note: Elsa Schiaparelli was best known for her lobster gowns and early evening wear.

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The Magickal Crow!

>>>previous pinner [PERFECT image of a Crow showing all of his distinctive features and differences from a Raven. Also, 'Crows walk n Ravens hop' . NOT exactly true as Ravens DO walk but will do double hops too]


Scott E. Detweiler Conceptual Photography art photoshop photo editing black and white b&w idea inspiration terrifying

.... +....The Executioner.... +.... by dl120471.deviantart.com on @deviantART

page 32 this is the executioner i like this picture it tells you alot of information

“'Yet magic is no more than the art of employing consciously invisible means to produce visible effects. Will, love, and imagination are magic powers that everyone possesses; and whoever knows how to develop them to their fullest extent is a magician. Magic has but one dogma, namely, that the seen is the measure of the unseen.'” — W. Somerset Maugham, The Magician ..*

The magician and his crows Illustration print size 7 x by majalin,


Gate Entry, The Enchanted Wood photo via sandie .I left the gate open, c'mon over!

Counting crows - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

This is mostly witchy stuff. I love this path and i intend to study and learn all about it. I'm also into Gothic, creepy, vintage, witchy, photos. Many blessings.