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Gaza Students: Clean the World of Jews.     The Hamas-affiliated student union in Gaza published a cartoon Tuesday of a Palestinian Authority flag is seen throwing a Star of David – one of the best-known Jewish symbols – into a garbage can.    Text under the picture says, “Keep the world clean.”    The cartoon uses a Star of David rather than an explicitly Israeli symbol, indicating that it is meant to refer to Judaism or the Jewish nation as a whole and not the state of Israel alone.

Gaza Students: Clean the World of Jews Hamas student group posts cartoon with ‘Palestine’ throwing Star of David in the trash.

Do You Know the History Behind the ‘Black Flags of Jihad’? TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton Breaks It Down

The history behind the 'black flags of jihad'? TheBlaze's national security advisor breaks it down. “It references a ‘rising up,’ if you will, of a Muslim army from a region called Khurasan, and they will have black banners.

Dhimmis and Dhimmitude: The Status of Minorities Under Islamic Rule Dhimmitude is the Islamic system of governing the populations that were conquered by Jihad wars. The word Dhimmi is an Arabic word that translates to "protected" Dhimmi was also the name of the Arab-Muslim conquerors.

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Palestine will be free one day✌🏻

I will stand with Israel. Islam is the enemy of a Free America.

I will stand with Israel. Islam is the enemy of a Free America.

Prager University: The Middle East Problem

Why is the Middle East Problem so intractable? Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated talk show host and best-selling author, answers that question in this thought-provoking video course.

anti_zionist_by_nayzak-d7txtpe.jpg (1000×1500)

anti_zionist_by_nayzak-d7txtpe.jpg (1000×1500)

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Does every person who practices Judaism agree with Zionism or likes the Jewish bankers (i. the Rothschilds)? Of coarse not!


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Girls, your amazing...just read this

Girls, your amazing...just read this

Gaza kids say they aspire to ‘blow up the Jews’ – Israel Video Network

'Abbas: We won’t allow Jews with their “filthy feet” to “defile our Al-Aqsa Mosque” “We bless every drop of blood. that has been spilled for Allah” - Video, Mahmoud Abbas

I hope Israel's stupid heads soon realise that THEY ARE CRAZY!!! What is this?!?? Such a huge number of people dead because Israel wants the land?!  What has our world become :(?

End the Occupation = Im sick to death of Christians standing arm in arm with a country who is committing Christian genocide! Jesus WOULD NOT have approved such a thing!


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticizes Israeli expanded building plan -calling them an obstacle to restarting peace talks with the Palestinians.