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Farm Life In Neutrals

We are a family run farm located in a rural town called Whitewright, Texas which is a little over an hour north of Dallas. Kalos Farms raises and provides high-quality lamb meat available for sale to individuals or wholesale.

Sheep for wool.

sheep on the farm - Picture of Blackberry Farm, Walland - TripAdvisor

oie frisée du Danube

White Sebastopol Goose - Sebastopol Goose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Beginner's Guide to Keeping Geese

The beginner's guide to keeping geese has everything you need to know to get started with geese. Water, grass & feeding, housing & protection from predators

Day 103 - Happy Farm Animals - smiling piggies massaged by little chicken feet

You would be hard pressed to find a happier pig than dear little Miss Piggy. This is doubly amazing when you consider what she has been through. Clearly a