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fandom shirts >>> The BEST icebreaker of all times! Just the other day I started talking with a classmate because she had a Supernatural t shirt on! Made a new friend :) >>>come on, fandoms, spread this around!>>>>>welcome invitation

Cheekbones! They are stunning! They're like razors. Ouch, my eyes. :)

Polish their cheekbones. The fellowship on the cheekbones lolz

Awesome mixup of fav geeky shows!

All the Fandoms poster print (Doctor Who Harry Potter Star Trek Star Wars Supernatural Game of Thrones Hobbit Sherlock Avengers Battlestar Galactica) -- "One person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode!

Ack - me looking at this pin... "Oh look at David how cute." "Ha, ha Matt's trying, adorable." "Oh crap, Ben...it's okay just breathe." "Supernatural boys, yep, still thinking of Ben." "Oh hi there Tom. No I haven't forgotten you." "RDJ, mother of..." *falls on floor dead*

All the fandom actors duck-facing only acceptable duck face

a7x supernatural meme

Someone said 'I hate supernatural and I leaned over to my friend and said' can I shoot her?' And she said 'not in public' BEST FRIEND MOMENT

Oh, Moffit.

Basically what I want to do to Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural characters. Moffatt, Kripke, you either learn to play nicely or we take away your toys.

I volunteered

Fandom Life: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, & The Hunger Games

Oh my. Benedict Cumberbatch is beautiful :)

I actually don't know who the first one is but then you have David Tennant, Matt Smith, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Benedict Cumberbatch like what more could you ask for in life

Aaaahhhh. And the way the OTP s get together is PERFECT AND MAGICAL AND YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. ...JOHNLOCK

normal girls just daydream about getting married and perfect outfits." Aren't ordinary people so adorable?

No but thats the best thing about my camp friends they are all total fangirls its the best

I'm so happy my friends are nerds because I literally have a friend that wears a necklace with a tiny boat on it and leans in really close to people and just whispers, "I ship us." And I just DIE every single time, and people look at us really weird.

ABC: yes, tenth season. Anyways at the end- BBC: kill him. Itll be more fun now that their so attached! ABC: wait, what? BBC: AND THEN END THE SHOW AND WATCH THEM SUFFER!!!

Abc: well anyways after he defeats the villa- Bbc: defeats the villain? Kill them both off and bring them back to life! Abc: umm no? Bbc: but then you get to watch the fandom suffer! Abc: no Bbc: youre boooring

If you are in ANY fandom repub this GIF

Dude, you have to see this

Doctor Who,Sherlock,Five Nights at Freddy's,My little Pony<<<<<<<The Hunger Games<<<<<<Marvel>>>>>>>>>Fall Out Boy<<<<<<<<<<EXO>>>>Percy Jackson!


Yep but I think Sherlock would be Magnasson.ugh<--Dingleberg though<<<<< hannibal though


So Legolas, Castiel, and Captain Jack Sparrow walk into a bar.: << I loved this from teh start, but I totally lost it with the Captain Jack Sparrow at the end :D