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BTS are eating now..no, i mean, grandpa suga XD

BTS are eating now.no, i mean, grandpa suga XD

Me too; it sucks that I don't look nice and my mental health isn't exactly healthy. I'm actually super nice.

Bam he's mine I'm perfect for him idec that I'm 10 years younger it's whatever bc he's mine mine mine he basically described me dead serious 😂😂😂

How to confess to your crush by Min Yoongi

Yoongi is for real a Tsundere XD He's actually not teaching Jimin how to confess but the one confessing XD

made it myself~!! :D #BANGTANBOYS

Sadly, I think I am worst then SUGA. X) <<< Proud to say that I'm at least Jimin level! not to boast or anything but. *Clearly boasting*<<<<im proudly suga level