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Just because my mom left her pintrest open on her laptop when I go to use it........ She loves cows, so why not pin a cow funny loll

This is How Ice-Cream. is Made and chocolate milk comes from brown cows Osborne ask Eden about where chocolate milk comes from and what Kenzie told her

Sad cow. #artwork #illustration #comics #drawing

Sad cow. #artwork #illustration #comics #drawing


Simply Bovine dot com has the udderly amoozing Moo Magnet.

Cow funny ! My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Cows can be funny at times and that makes them the subject of many jokes. Cow Memes are popping up everywhere. Here are 20 of the best cow memes:

Cows :))

Cows :))

Spy Cow

I've always loved cows, and I always will! And country life they represent!