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Yes,Lord Amen .

A Ruth is not looking for a fling or a one night stand. She's needing a spiritual leader. someone who is a provider, protector and covering. She needs her Boaz.

reflect his glory ...

This is really true. And it's definitely a good thing, but it can feel negative at times.<-------Doesn't only apply to romance, but any driving goal in our lives.

Jesus is King

Thank GOD this is true. We've never needed more hope than we as a nation do now. Our current president is such a disgrace and embarrassment. GOD please be with us. MB No matter who is president, Jesus is King.

A parent's prayer

A parent's prayer. I'm not a parent, but this is sweet and a great prayer I think all parents should use. God bless you and be the adult that you would want your children to turn into!

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The Lord will provide strength, when you are weak. He will humble you when you are too proud. He will love you unconditionally, guide you, and help you through your darkest times.