Beautiful Backyards: Inspiration for Garden Lovers!

Beautiful Backyards: Inspiration for Garden Lovers!

A Whole Bunch Of Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths

54 Spectacular Garden Paths


Beautiful garden arbor covered with roses takes us around path to rose garden. I would love to walk that path!

From I heart Shabby Chic blog. I love the blur at the edges of this photo.

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In between these very tall walls, containers add not just interest, but the varied plants add texture and beautiful, cooling variable green color. Although the stone path and beautiful walls are lovely, the walkway is greatly enhanced by these additions. The taller evergreens and occasional vine climbing up the wall lower the wall visually.

enchanting garden walkway from kitchen to backyard - find shade tolerant plants!


Andre Eve Garden, France - photo by Clive Nichols. I need this to be my back yard.

Dry-laid pavers: good for heavy use    Pros Looks formal or natural; a good choice for heavy use.  Cons More expensive than some options; placing pavers on bare soil can cause problems such as poor drainage.   Tip Construct a solid, well-drained, level base from sand or gravel. Surround your pavers with a formal edge to keep them from shifting.

9 Ways to Create a Garden Path

For side garden? Glorious Garden Paths : Create Motion Run bricks, pavers, or other materials in a wavy pattern to create interest and give your pathway a sense of movement as you walk through the landscape.

I'd call this 'Secret Garden Cottage' because the house is almost hidden from the street.  <3

Beautiful - clematis on a rustic arbor and gate, and a flagstone path leading to a purple door.

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Garden pathways bring order green spaces and make the landscape enticing. Veranda offers advice on plotting a garden and planning garden pathways and garden walkways.

love the landscaping, path and wall. Great idea for the garden area!

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