Gekleurd haar - Korte Kapsels

Love this. I want this type of cut, I'd bring some of the longer top layers down over the undercut.

Manic Panic - electric lizard - loving the colour, such a vibrant green, sucks me in just looking at it

Though she isn't necessarily Lady-Appearing-In-This, Moire. Felicity did an amazing job with the doctor-age of the picture. The original is under Faces - Women - Seriously Colored Hair.

Mooi rood is niet lelijk! Pittige rode korte kapsels voor zelfstandige vrouwen

If we had to rank haircuts in terms of most popular worn short cuts. the pixie cut would be a winner! Lots of women have taken the big step to chop off their long locks to go the pixie-way. Look at these 14 gorgeous Pixie cuts.