trufflesmushroom: had the idea for a role reversal the moment i first watched The Answer. i think this would be interesting…<<< YES PLZ


supernovember: “All this excellent Stevonnie action in the current steven bomb has me real excited about the possibilities for adult Stevonnie, once Steven is inevitably a ginormous man ”<<< That art is super pretty!


interesting theory, but they haven't confirmed that Pearl belonged to White Diamond so I don't know if I believe it.>>> but the rest of the pearls' gem placement match their diamonds' so it would make sense if our pearl had been white diamond's

historia de juguete

Increíbles dibujos a lápiz - Adolfo Fernández Rodríguez

NO NONONONONONO. Bonnie gives them back to Andy when she gets old enough and then he gives them to his kids << Who will then move on to the same scene as in Toy Story 4 in about a year.

rcjk17:  The only thing I could think of after watching:

Steven Universe - Garnet's head with squishy widdle legs! This is freakishly adorable!