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Bucky is Mrs Nesbitt

O god. Toy story crossover for the win

I'm Mrs. Nesbit. - Album on Imgur

I'm Mrs. Nesbit.

America meets Toy Story (part is the funniest thing ever

captain america civil war | Tumblr

captain america civil war | Tumblr

hawkeye's nest - Google Search

Avengers playing Mario Cart, Steve gets.

CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY POP-TARTS!..... you have just been Loki'd ;)

Display Ideas For Your Pop Vinyl Figures

Maybe that is were Uncle Rick the idea of the chapter named, 'Come to the dark side, we have pop-tarts'! Loki still had the pop-tarts'!( Magnus Chase and the gods of ASGARD)

Well, people, much like ogres, are like onions. We all have layers. 😂😂 One of Sebastian’s layers is “five-year-old manbaby.

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This part had me dying. Darcy is seriously the funniest character. Well besides Loki. But she said mew mew not mjolnir

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How Tony Stark's Arc reactor was created for the Iron man and Avengers movies -- cameo by Robert Downey Jr.

Aw, this is adorable.>DOES NOBODY NOTICE HE PICKED UP THE MIJLNOR (Thanks @Leiutenant for the spelling) NOBODY IS NOTICING. I KNOW HES WORRHY BUT STILL...

I love how Steve just casually hands Thor his hammer<<<eheheh, yis! And Loki, stay out of Steve's dresser

Bucky Barnes and Baymax || by xxxxxx6x || #fanart #crossover || See source link for animations!

Avengers crossover with Big Hero 6 <<< d'awwww

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Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier, This is soooooo true, lolso emotional tho♥♥♥


Why is Loki older?

HAIL HYDRA hahahahahaha this is so freaking random it's hilarious

Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears


Captain America: Wintersoldier, This is ridiculously cute for a heart-wrenching film that hurt me

That melted my heart ♥️

That melted my heart ♥️