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Supernatural Castiel and Dean

"I swear to me I will ground you Castiel" looks like he kept his promise. *laughs at horrible fallen angel joke* << /was that fucking necessary/<<< I can't stop laughing

This is not submission. The look on his face is defiance, pure and simple.

Dean refusing to comprehend a world where Cas willingly leaves him. My heart.

Yes I do GIF

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So adorable, I love them! - Supernatural GIF Funny - Dean and Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

We know what Cas is on love with

We know what Cas is in love with<<I love how Misha ships Destiel

I love Cockles

I don't ship cockles but these two are seriously too adorable. I do ship destiel however 😏😏😏