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They've been around  each other so much that they sit like each other

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"Frerard" by electricbalancekilljoy ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art

I'm pretty sure my parents hate MCR and I'm also sure that they haven't heard their music soooo. Now here I am in 2016 crying over this

Gerard and Frank. mcr

Awwww look how happy Frank is ~ My Chemical Romance<<<<<This gif will make you so happy just watch it


EXAMPLES: andy hurley, tony perry, frank iero, and so many more people

I have seen skillet live in 2016 and i am going to see simple plan live in june 2017 yeay

I really wanted to see MCR live aswell but when I found out they broke up I actually cried ; it broke me and I still cry about it

FRERARD awwww GERARD WAY AND FRANK IERO     MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE they should be together :3

We all know My Chemical Romance In My Chemical Romance there were two impressive members made us mad. So this community for those who are fan of frerard

i’m not crying i just have a little march 22nd in my eye

Real or fake I believe Frankie and gee should hang out more and possibly make a song together

This escalated quickly

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

My favorite frerard gif of all time<<< same bruh<< yaaaaassss queeeennn \:V/