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When someone does something really stupid

Our relationship grew more than just Boss and Secretary. Started: Completed: Amazing cover (by my babe):

shit #namjoon says

Oh Rap Monster xD eric thinking everything is gonna be normal untill.

bts, jimin, and kpop image

“ BTS is gay cause they wear make up” *i clap then two suited men drags hater away*

Perfect use of Meme

Ik this is a monsta x meme but I don’t have a board for them yet

#wattpad #fanfic Relatos donde 7 chicos apasionados te trasportan a un mundo de romance y aventuras (?)   Historias cortas de Bangtan Boys en donde tú eres la protagonista.   • 100% Originales (◡‿◡✿)    • Prohibida adaptación (aunque sean cortos) sin créditos ¬.¬   • Se aceptan sugerencias (¬‿¬)

《BTS One Shots》 - Rap Monster

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Lol mom Jin and father namjoon giving lessons

Lol mom Jin and father namjoon giving lessons

guess that's supposed to make me feel sad about what happened to my life since kpop but it made my day instead lol RapMon

lmao I swear I'm gonna keep this picture forever and send it to my friends whenever they trying to be cool.

Rapmon what Happend to your Face?!~*laugh*

Réaction BTS {Tome 1}

I present you Bangtans leader, Rap Monster! XD More like derp monster

Yes me everytime RM.

Yes me everytime RM.

This only makes me appreciate my handsome Jin even more (: #Jin

Bangtan Derps: Jin (the last row middle is so Suga!

Rap Monster

Rap Monster - those lips so lucious! <- not my comment but I gotta agree. Que labios !