weeping starbucks cross stitch

weeping angel from Dr who cross stitch

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Cross stitching is art, thus there are no rules. In other words, there is no one stopping you from diligently sewing gangsta rap lyrics onto delicate fabric to display over your hearth.

If I were to cross-stitch, I would do something like this.  Taking quotes out of context. :)

bookpilgrim: “ I sewed this tonight because it is the best quote in the world. It’s possible I may do an entire set of out-of-context quotes from.

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Miss Clawful stitched this amazing Joker portrait from the NES game Batman: Return of the Joker.

Pinned more than 1000 times! Dr. Who fans will love this. TARDIS Cross Stitch Pattern - Albion Gould

TARDIS Cross Stitch Pattern