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Why I'm not a feminist.

Man who doesn't want to take care of a kid: deadbeat dad Woman who doesn't want to do the same: pro choice Hypocrite Feminist

I hear this all the time..  That's the career you chose???  YES!  IT IS!  It's been MY career choice since I was a little girl.

typical feminist, I can't even count how many times I've had this happen. Don't dare try to act like you have a good life as a housewife.or God forbid you actually LIKE your husband and trust him.

#anti-feminism #antifeminism #FeminismIsCancer---I CALL IT BLATANT HYPOCRISY!!!!>>you do realize feminism isn't all about women, right? Feminism is about equal rights for both genders. Sure. There's those nasty feminists who hate men and think they're pigs. telling sexist jokes isn't okay. Period. Men can be fat, short, skinny, buff, tall, handsome, ugly. The same goes for women.

Amy schumer constantly tells sex jokes but if a guy did that he would be sexualising women and it would be classed as sexual harrassment by the sjws.

An Interesting Social Experiment: How People React to Domestic Violence – Earthly Mission

An Interesting Social Experiment: How People React to Domestic Violence

Funny pictures about This Is How Society Sees Domestic Abuse . Oh, and cool pics about This Is How Society Sees Domestic Abuse . Also, This Is How Society Sees Domestic Abuse photos.

Nothing say Patriarchy like getting free erectile dysfunction treatments courtesy of Medicare and wanting women to do without with birth control.

Facebook Tuesday ………….

feminism used to be a good movement but now its being politicised by left wing politics

Obama hypocrisy

No, we have a sin problem. And a liberal problem. And a lack of common sense problem.

Freedom of Speech Issues. And this shows the intolerant leftist democrat's true colors. They can mock and ridicule those they disagree with, but can't take it when the same is aimed at one of theirs. Sad and so childish.

Liberal Logic - the first is accepted because it pokes fun a sometimes muddled / silly president - the second is rejected because it's too close to the truth and someone voted this clown in

We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Everything has to be watered down, because it's offensive, including the truth.


Some people call unborn babies "fetuses" because it makes the unborn baby sound less then human so they don't feel bad when they support legalized abortion, which kills unborn babies.