steampunksteampunk: “Photographer:Marcela Patiño Models: Victoria Frances & Irene Suarez ” A Dragon Rider

Steampunk collection 2010 by Bibian Blue corsetry Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.Dress yourself

Костюм корсетный `Стимпанк`. Костюм проекта 'RETURN TO SYBERIA'. Таинственные манящие дали, захватывающие дух приключения... Поклонникам Kate Wolker и волшебного мира Стимпанка посвящается...     Блузка, юбка и корсет - в наличии размер s (как на фото), корсет…

steampunk loves corsets: Okay, I get a couple of ideas from this. I love the causual dress. Also, the use of a wide belt over an underbust corset adds a nice look of layering.

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Functional Clothing Research Dual Sword Belt via Etsy. The ring at the back allows the weight of the swords to distribute evenly across the bearer's hips, and the angled frogs make drawing the swords much easier.