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Natural Home Design Ideas – Stone "Cave House" -- great bookshelves

Een Jaguar XJ: de beste boekenkast om naast je keuken te parkeren.

Een Jaguar XJ als boekenkast, waarom ook niet?

WOW, Car wall hanging together with wonderful STORAGE space! Dutch design studio, Denieuwegeneratie thought to convert a car into a tall bookshelf for the interior of their newly-built Dutch Mountain underground villa.

The Darker Side of Interior Design

The Darker Side of Interior Design

Skull bookshelf sculptures by James Hopkins - Coolest way to deck your shelves!

This is a tower of books for my girls carolyn ramsey and Cassie norton

Book Igloo - Home is a recent sculptural installation by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. The piece was constructed at MagnanMetz Gallery late last year using carefully stacked books to create a compact dome that is entirely self-supporting.

DIY - Tree Tables via Marta Stewart {{ Step-by-Step Tutorial }} ::::: ❥. I always want to stop and pick up logs I see, but I feel foolish.

Tree Table

DIY - Tree Tables/stools via Martha Stewart {Step-by-Step Tutorial}

never enough room for books!

So many neat bookshelves!

raw wood slats with IKEA brackets

Simple Oak shelves in a small London office by Studio Swine.

750=Невидимая навесная полка для книг. Создаётся впечатление что книги висят в воздухе без закрепления к стене. Купить с бесплатной доставкой. Цена 570 рублей!

New Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf Invisible Wall Mount Display Rack Storage

books on the wall

stylish wooden tree branch bookshelf is designed by the French designer Olivier Dollé Great for any office, living room and especially for a nursery, young kid's room or even a school/playroom

Bench of Thought, carefully constructed using recovered books.

Bench of Thought

Recycle old Books into a Chair. Love the idea of this but hate the idea of never being able to read the books/ again

Tree stump side table

Tree stump side table - for Dan's 'man cave'

This will happen one day!                                                                                                                                                     More

How about this for a different bed headboard? A headboard made of old books! Chez Thrift and The ReUstore is the best place to find books at the lowest price anywhere in Bolton! -Maybe not books, but I like the idea!

what an awesome wall design/shelf. awesome for a kid's room too!

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Wooden Crystal Storage Shelves

Zen decor: Diamond Wood Curio Shelf with Crystal and Mineral Collection

put these log shelves over toilet for towels (instead of a cabinet).

Contemporary Rustic Wooden Log Shelves

Contemporary Rustic Wooden Log Shelves by TheSaltEmpire on Etsy

French By Design: Trend Alert : Rescued Headboards

Trend Alert : Rescued Headboards

I love the rescued headboard