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This Dott infographic, Cornwall by Design, visualizes everything the company does and makes it all come together in a glorious little dot

This infographic is about renewable energy usage around the world, which is going to be one of the main topics of our magazine. This infographic presents the information in a simple format, and would work well on a magazine page.

Portfolio of the Week - Kir Khachaturov

Mad as a Marine Biologist : Bycatch

*COLOR MOOD* This pictorially describes the ecological impacts of consuming too much fish. With a population our size, it's virtually impossible to sustain such sea life.

The obesity crisis. How the expanding waistline is the american frontier. #nutrition #obesity #infographics

Sugar Patient Symptoms

The Obesity Crisis Infographic - How the Expanding Waistline is the American Front(ier) via Fitness and Weight Loss Central.

"Save The Animals" Infographic Series on Behance

Nice application of geometric design trend >>> "Save The Animals" Infographic Series by Brianne Boland, via Behance