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Abandoned, then saved by nomads, Her parents died, not a pity

pale needle inject drugs hospitalized

"Remember you give the morphine first. Wait an hour, then the sleeping medication. Wait until he falls asleep, then give him the being blood. He'll smile, then be fast asleep.

with me...

The idea of how barren women can conceive if God opens their womb upon their request/asking extends the concept of how we're partners with God in creation as we give birth to life.


Prince Silas- Closed// I fo we arrive at her room. Once there I hold open the door and close it behind us.

︎☀︎☾↣ιѕaвel perez↢☽☀︎☞(perezmlugoi)︎☜

☯ i want marcellus to take lots of pictures of astrid, but at the same time, i can't see him being a photography kind of guy ☯