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Quilt Block Patterns: Use Color and Contrast to Change Layout: Sew the Game…

Make the Same Design Look Different by Changing Color and Contrast

Try my Game Cocks quilt block pattern to create a wide variety of looks from a single block. Variations are easy when you understand color and contrast.: Sew the Game Cocks Patchwork Quilt Block

All Hallows Quilt Block Pattern/  Gives step by step lay out of block.  Beautiful

Choose from 2 Sizes when You Sew the All Hallows Quilt Block

You'll love the intricacy (and ease of sewing) when you make the All Hallows quilt block. Choose from two sizes of this gorgeous block.: Finish Sewing the All Hallows Quilt Block

Sew the Susannah Quilt Block

Susannah, an easy quilt block pattern that's ideal for baby or toddler quilts, wall hangings, table runners or any quilting project.: Easy Tutorial for Susannah Quilt Blocks

modified snail trail quilt pattern free - Google Search

Follow the Simple Instructions to Make a Snail's Trail Quilt

Try a Snail's Trail quilt pattern that finishes at about x Change its size by altering the number of blocks. Nine-inch blocks are a breeze to sew.


Another Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern: Connemara: FREE Ireland-Themed Quilt Block Pattern. This website also has a ton of other fun block tutorials!

Bloco patch

Sew Improved Four-Patch, an Easy Patchwork Quilt Block: Sew the Improved Four Patch Quilt Block

Make strip sets, cut segments and assemble the Double Nine Patch quilt block.

Learn How to Sew Double Nine Patch Quilt Blocks

Here’s the trial block, going into an AmHero top eventually. It’s 12 inches square, finished, 12.5 inches, unfinished. It was inspired by something I saw that looked like the center, an…

Indestructible Star Tutorial – alpha quilt block

Quilt Pattern Names | Free 10 Quilt Block Patterns | Name: Attachment-279231.jpeViews ...

Prairie Star "I want to make a star quilt block sampler quilt. :) Which star blocks are your favorites? Which would you include?

Image result for easy 2 or 3 color quilt blocks

Image result for easy 2 or 3 color quilt blocks

Easy Quilt Block Patterns: Offset Squares

Try Offset Squares, an Easy Patchwork Quilt Block

Road to California quilt pattern. This block is from Dave's quilt by his grandmother

Sew a Batch of Rocky Road to California Quilt Blocks

My Road to California quilt block pattern is an easy patchwork design that can be used to create a variety of quilt layouts.: How to Sew Road to California Quilt Blocks

The Quilt Ladies Book Collection: Quilt Ladies 52 Weeks of Quilt Pattern Blocks, Week 42 Bear's Paw

Tutorial on how to make a bear paw quilt pattern, cutting and piecing instructions included.

Interlocked Squares quilt block, paper pieced quilt patterns, instant download, PDF quilt pattern, celtic knot patterns, knot quilt

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Interlocked Squares paper pieced block by designer PieceByNumber.