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Thank God imperialism was short lived. 'Egypt - Imperial Airways' by Charles Avalon - Vintage Travel Posters - Art Deco - Pullman Editions

circa 1960; interesting to see what interested people about america at that time.

vintage Alitalia travel poster Vintage Travel Posters, Travel (Vintage Art) Prints and Posters .


Air France, Proche Orient - Vintage Posters - Galerie 123 - The place to find vintage art

Fly BOAC •  Britain ~ Aldo Cosomati

Fly BOAC • Britain ~ Aldo Cosomati

Opuscolo promozionale di Portofino prodotto dall'Ente Provinciale per il Turismo di Genova (1941)

Hoosiers 27x40 Movie Poster

vintage+italian+travel+poster+at+etsy+shop+oldposters.jpg (400×563)

vintage+italian+travel+poster+at+etsy+shop+oldposters.jpg (400×563)

Air France -- Amérique du Nord

Air France -- Amérique du Nord