Redone Means Revisited

Redone Means Revisited (The Colorist)

Casey Klahn, “The French Moderists,” pastel, oil bar and graphite on 100% rag paper, 11 x 9 in

x Casey Klahn. Note: soft pastels, oil bar (which is oil paint - not oil pastel) and pencil, on archival rag paper. I think I put some gesso on there with my fingers, too.

The Colorist: Yellow Foils Turquoise

A Modernist Sensitivity with Yellow . Pastel, Oil, Graphite on Canson. x Casey Klahn.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Oil and acryllic landscape paintings by Turkish artist Sahin Karakoc. Sahin Karakoc is one of the most renowned illustrators in his home country, Turkey.

Featured Artist{s}::: Caspar David Friedrich and J.M.W. Turner

TURNER, Joseph Mallord William The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 1834 Oil on canvas, 92 x 123 cm Museum of Art, Philadelphia