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BÖRJA Matningssked och babysked - IKEA

BÖRJA Matningssked och babysked

IKEA - BÖRJA, Feeding spoon and baby spoon , The small spoon is easy for babies to hold when learning to eat by themselves.The larger spoon has a long handle that makes it easier to take up food from a jar when feeding your baby.

IKEA - SMÅGLI, Plate/bowl

SMÅGLI Plate/bowl

IKEA - SMÅGLI, Plate/bowl , The wide, flat bottom and anti-slip surface make the plate and bowl easier for children to eat from.Helps prevent messy spills and makes it easier for small children to eat by themselves. The high sides curve inwards to he

IKEA - ÄLSKAD, Baby towel with hood, , Cotton is soft against your baby's skin and highly water absorbent.Soft and warm to curl up in after a bath.The loop makes it easy to hang on a knob or hook.

New Ikea Soft ÄLSKAD Baby towel with. Cotton is soft against your baby's skin and highly water absorbent. - Soft and warm to curl up in after a bath.

EKORRE Toddle truck - IKEA

EKORRE Toddle wagon/walker IKEA When walking by themself, a child develops motor skills and balance.

GULLUNGE Cover - IKEA  Sweet changing table covers $7 for both

GULLUNGE Cover IKEA The cover is machine washable and easy to put on and take off.

IKEA - LÄTTSAM, Babybadewanne,  , , Durch Gleitschutz unter dem Boden steht die Wanne stabil.Weicher Gleitschutz auf dem Innenboden.

LÄTTSAM Babybadewanne, weiß, grün

IKEA LÄTTSAM Baby bath White/green Stands steady thanks to the slide protectors underneath.

Boon Benders Adaptable Utensils, (baby spoons, baby spoon, feeding, utensils, feeding your baby, toddler, spoon, boon, baby, toddler spoons)

These are kinda different looking baby utensils - and that's ok. The goal is food in the mouth and Benders are a secret weapon!

IKEA - LEN, Drap-housse lit bébé, blanc, , L'élastique maintient le drap bien en place sur le matelas.

LEN Drap-housse lit bébé, blanc

IKEA - LEN, Crib fitted sheet , Do you think it's a pain to make the bed? Then try a fitted sheet next time. Easy to pull over the mattress and secure for your child since the elastic edging keeps the sheet in place.The fitted sheet is both dura

VYSSA SNOSA Matrac junior ágyhoz - IKEA - 10e kanapéhoz?

IKEA VYSSA SNOSA Mattress for junior bed White cm A durable mattress that can be used for a longer period of time.

IKEA VANDRING muslin square Nice and soft against a baby's skin. Easy to machine wash.

VANDRING Muslin square IKEA Nice and soft against a baby' Can be used in many ways – as a washcloth, feeding bib or extra blanket.

Comforter for kids. Very washable but puffy. $10. Last year Owen got a body pillow from his wish list - which he fell deeply in love with. This year after seeing how much he loves being underneath puffy duvets, I want to get him a comforter instead of the blankets he currently sleeps with.

LEN Cot comforter, white

LEN crib comforter, white Length: 49 " Width: 43 " Filling weight: 11 oz Length: 125 cm Width: 110 cm Filling weight: 300 g

I wonder if these mattresses would be comfortable for the boys- with it being not as think. Seems easier to change there's sheets because they're not as heavy as a regular twin mattress. I want them to sleep well though.

IKEA - VYSSA SLÖA, Mattress for crib , Two different comfort surfaces. The eggbox-shaped surface relieves pressure and has better air circulation than the flat side.A durable mattress that can be used for a longer period of time.Both sides can be sle

LEKA Baby gym - IKEA $20

LEKA Baby gym, green

IKEA LEKA Baby gym Green Reaching out for toys stimulates the baby's development of eye-hand coordination.

LEN, Mattress protector, white


IKEA - LEN, Mattress protector, , Waterproof backing protects the mattress.Suitable for both crib and bed.