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According to experts, salsa dancing can burn up as many as 10 calories per minute. Best of all, it's really easy to learn the salsa and a great way to get

Un tango dedicato... by micmac71, via Flickr

passion at its peak.The cinders, the cinders. they light the path of these strange steps. You suddenly complete me. you suddenly complete me.


Afrikan dance in motion

Joshua Viray - Portraits of Aliwan Aliwan Festival 2008 Luneta, Manila Philippines.

Argentine Tango, Ballroom Dancing, Virginia, Loft, Dancers, I Love You

Benefis of Salsa dancing -♪♫ www.pinterest.com/wholoves/Dance ♪♫ #dance

To begin to develop excellent Salsa technique. To dance with confidence with my girl


Argentine tango - oh to spend time in Buenos Aires dancing like your life depended on it.

The dance, the shoes, the clothes, the colors. #loveit OK Go - Skyscrapers

Cuz listen to their music is not enough watch the video! ((The dance, the shoes, the clothes, the colors. OK Go - Skyscrapers))