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Blue Tit Reflection - by Mark Hancox Bird Photography



Three Pheasants

Pheasants on the Farm. Pheasant Hunting Season, when the Men hunt and drink, and the Women cook and share laughter and stories, mostly about their Men.


Art ❤ Nature ~ Black Bulbul bird, taken at Hsinchu City, Taiwan ~ Magnificent colors

gull reflected

photographs of reflections - Bing images


Male Painted Bunting singing his Spring song


Petirrojo by cesar pastor quesada on by Hercio Dias

Bird on a lotus bud by susangir

Always watching! Little birdy perched on a pink flower bud. The bud is bigger than the birdy! :) very sweet pic. Kind of like our kids, right?little person/bird compared to the big world around them.

a unique-lookng hummingbird                                                                                                                                                     Más

Arı kuşu (Bee-eater) - by Murat Acuner - What beautiful wings!


Funny pictures about Bird Checking Out Its Reflection. Oh, and cool pics about Bird Checking Out Its Reflection. Also, Bird Checking Out Its Reflection photos.

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weaver birds building a nest. How can people look at this and still say there is no God. What an amazing creator we have. “Double take” By chrisli Weaver bird(s) building a nest

What is this most important thing of all? It’s called self-observation. No one can help you there. No one can give you a method. No one can show you a technique. The moment you pick up a technique, you’re programmed again. But self-observation—watching yourself—is important. It is not the same as self-absorption.  --Anthony de Mello, Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality

Many-Coloured Rush Tyrant ~ by Diego Reyes Arellano

20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures - Part II | Incredible Pictures

Sparrow getting a drink. drink drink drink," as we say to Roo.

Be thirsty Heart Seek forever without rest . ~ Rumi

Blue Tit Amazing how these beautiful birds can find water if they need it, even if it is from a faucet!


Little red bird reflection

chickadees - some of my favorite year-round birds who live in my yard. They are the first to nest every year.