[Official Art] High☆Speed! 2

Hazuki Nagisa - child ^^ why is he crying? He's to cute to allow him to cry!


There's been a lot of buzz about Free! Iwatobi Swim Club so we at Nardio had to see it if it's worth the time. Read inside to see what we think.

#wattpad #alatoire Que ce soient des gifs d'animes trop hilarants ou encore des gifs d'animes magnifiquement beau...Bref, venez voir le contenu de ce livre ! Vous ne serrez pas déçus !! /!\ Chaque partie contient 6-20 gifs + une image marrante dans le média x)

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Eternal Summer OVA -Rin and Rei - This was one of the BEST episodes, it…