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Magnum P I. Visit the Anderson Estate in Waimanalo where it was filmed. The beach behind can be accessed during low tide. Beautiful little hidden beach.

Magnum P. - The moustache. The Hawaiian shirts. The chest hair. That description could be none other than Tom Selleck playing Magnum P. (of course, minus the Hawaiian shirt that could also just be a description of Tom Selleck in the Selleck p

Mark Harmon Wife | here are a couple of other younger picture of him…you can see why he ...

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Tom Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. My Grammys VERY handsome actor. Hasn't changed one bit since 'Magnum P.

No One Would Print These Ads Today. But Years Ago, They Did And I’m Astounded

What young girl wouldn't feel better about herself if she wore Chubbettes? Yes, this was a real clothing line in the and for "bigger" girls. A girl's body Image problems started early.

1979 CHAZ COLOGNE vintage magazine advertisement "almost as interesting" ~ The fragrance that's almost as interesting as the men who wear it ... CHAZ for men by Revlon. (featuring Tom Selleck) ~

1979 CHAZ Cologne Ad "almost as interesting"

TOM SELLECK Cowboy Photo 1980 Ad Print Oh My Gosh.I am very exhilarated! I had this poster on my dorm wall.

Coca Cola Old Ads:

Coca Cola Old Ads. When Coca Cola was first invented it was suggested to use as headache relief. It contained a small amount of cocaine, thus the name.

We think dishpan hands should be a source of pride. It means that you wash your hands...

11 Horrifyingly Offensive Vintage Ads

Don't humiliate your husband with dishpan hands. Back then, men left on account of dishpan hands and smelly vaginas.