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The Hobbit: The Third Age. “ Freelance concept artist and illustrator Mike “Daarken” Lim has released several illustrations he created for The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age. The Hobbit: Armies of.

elf archer                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

f Wood Elf Ranger Leather Cloak Longbow Longsword midlvl forest hills

b2481a59ffb5d927b413a5afeda84b20.jpg 750×881 pixels

b2481a59ffb5d927b413a5afeda84b20.jpg 750×881 pixels

caleb-nefzen-thor-arh-01a.jpg 1,298×1,536 pixels

A Private Commission i did last year. The idea on the concept is that the Helmet and Hammer were the only 2 divine things that he bring to earth. the rest is a earthly homemade outfit,. I recived a base mesh of the head, helmet, a detailed body with

Ornaments for tents from the Oseberg burial mound grave (ca 834 AD), which had been disturbed in antiquity.   Precious metals were absent.   A great number of everyday items and artifacts were found during the 1904-1905 excavations. These included four elaborately decorated sleighs, a richly carved four-wheel wooden cart, bed-posts, and wooden chests, and other beutiful artifacts.

Wood carved ornaments for tents Oseberg Burial mound grave ab. 834 CE Norway Horned or horn helmet figure. Reptile and serpent worship scene? Exhibited at the Viking ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.