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Taiwan Rosefinch or Vinaceous Rosefinch (Carpodacus vinaceus) is found in China, India, Myanmar, and Nepal.

Bobcat , nice, from Iryna

A bobcat in a spot of bother after running from a pack of wild dogs and climbing to the top of a prickly saguaro cactus. Photograph by Paco Espinoza - Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico.

The 6 Most Disturbingly Evil Birds

The 6 Most Disturbingly Evil Birds

Birds are the most majestic creatures on Earth -- we plaster them on our cars, flags and coins. You see them soaring up there, and think they're above all the petty savagery down here on the ground.

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater (Lichenostomus melanops)

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater (Lichenostomus melanops) - a passerine bird found in the south-east ranges of Australia from south-east Queensland through eastern New South Wales and across Victoria into the tip of Southeastern South Australia.

Very nice Lovely Parrot #beautiful Very nice lovely red parrot feathers in…

The Dusky Lory (Pseudeos fuscata) is a monotypic species of parrot in the Psittaculidae family. Alternative common names are the White-rumped Lory or the Dusky-orange Lory. It is found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

7 Amazing Facts about Incredible Hummingbirds - Brisk Post

A mother hummingbird sitting on her nest built on top of a dangling sycamore tree ball.