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Trademark Awarded to Apple Retail Stores

Trademark Awarded to Apple Retail Stores

I'm really looking forward to checking out the new Apple Store at Grand Central in NYC!

Apple store Grand Central New York 'T' on table is LED lighting pointing down at products creating a magical effect as fitting becomes 'invisible' (so thin and horiz). Consider similar approach to Jam Jar task lighting.

Apple Store, 5th Avenue, NYC.  Only going to pay respects, because my new husband once worked for the architect.  :-)

AMERICA BEAUTIFUL / Apple store, Fifth Avenue, NY. The entire store is below the plaza. The only thing visible at the street level is this glass entrance. stunning simplicity and just as elegant as its products.

EXHIBITOR magazine - Article: 24th Annual Exhibit Design Awards: The Reflect Effect, May 2010

The Reflect Effect

This revolutionary exhibit for Samsung Electronics Co. takes home the 2010 EDGE Award for Exhibit Design and Graphics Excellence.

Apple Store in Covent Garden, London by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects

Apple Store – Covent Garden By Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects – 10

Фирменный магазин Apple в Ковент Гардене

Фирменный магазин Apple в Ковент-Гардене

Apple Store in Covent Garden, London by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects

AppleStore 2015-02-19 Hangzhou, China: ••FLOATing GLASS FLOOR!!•• + Glass Walls! (15m/50ft high without interruption) • even  more minimalism ; ) • architects Brit Foster + Partners (who did original 2009 5th Ave Glass Cube store in NY (10m/32ft high) + New Mothership Campus II being built in CA) • floating floor uses Japanese earthquake-proof technique of tuned-mass dampers/counterweights at floor anchor points to keep footsteps from swaying floor • New Apple Store is feng shui’d or Kondo’d…

Apple's Newest Store Boasts 50-Foot Glass Walls and a Free-Floating Second Floor

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Natural ventilation is another way to greatly reduce the energy consumption, and therefore the environmental impact of our architecture and therefore our cities.


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