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f society mr robot Full HD

Mr. Robot Elliot's religion quote

Robot delivers one of the most impressive speeches I've ever seen on TV and not only.


Some imaginary friends talk back. Some imaginary friends never go away.

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“ i backtracked some posts under my ‘me’ tag and realized most of them reminded me of elliot ”

Mr Robots Saison 3

Mr Robots Saison 3

So I post about traveling to 3 different countries in a span of 4 hours. People think I'm referring to getting high. Shiitt crazy .... amount of people check in my eyes this week. It was an analogy for something else. Haven't smoked for a long time .... I don't enjoy it. I have quite a few things to be worried about besides getting high. I'm not worried about the shit youre worried about lmao.  Ordinarily I wouldn't clarify my ig is purposely confusing ...... but shitttt.  #vibes #energy…

adam -- reserved, stand-offish, but brilliant in the field. he wrote the majority of CLEO's code, including her simulated brain. dual task of programmer and neuroscientist, monitoring her artificial brain activity as the team interacts with her.