George Nelson lamps

concrete fireplace // midcentury modern // cluster of george nelson bubble lamps // bright pink Scandinavian sofa

dont know if i have pinned this room from this angle

Here's a round up of images showing cactus plants in interior spaces (image from the home of Maurizio Zucchi via Elle Korea)

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George Nelson Bubble Saucer Ceiling Light, Medium

Nelson Bubble Lamp with Saucer-Shape. Saucer Lamps are modern pendant lighting fixtures from the

The Bubble Collection - page 2, catalog. George Nelson, designer; Howard Miller, manufacturer

Vintage undated brochure/catalog I purchased about ten years ago. Per internet search, catalog may be I'm sharing these for historical interest and information empowerment for collectors.

Block lamp by Harri Koskinen

Designed by Harri Koskinen in 1996 for Design House Stockholm. Block lamp was design by Harri while he was a student at the Institute of Art and Design in

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In this article we will talk about the living room ceiling lights. Living room ceiling lights, it is important for decoration. Light helps to appear the beauty of the living room.

Top 18 Living Room Ceiling Light Designs

Today we’re talking trendy plants. the fiddle leaf tree to be exact! The fiddle leaf tree is all the rage these days in interior design.

On and off the wall. Designed by our frequent collaborator Shane Powers, these Ceramic Wall Planters (with one designed specifically for orchids) turn plants into works of art. Arrange several in a group to create a hanging garden.