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APOD: 2015 September 15 - A Spiral Aurora over Iceland

A majestic Spiral Aurora over Iceland, captured late last month, noted by Icelanders for its great brightness and quick development. Image credit Davide NecchiThe aurora resulted from a solar storm, with high energy particles bursting out from the

Beautifully fantastic Aurora over the Icelandic fault. Image Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Casado (TWAN, Earth and Stars)

Aurora over Icelandic Fault Image Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Casado (TWAN, Earth and Stars) Explanation: Admire the beauty but.

Tormenta geomagnética menor produjo majestuosas auroras como la observada en Tromsø, Noruega. Foto Truls Tiller

AuroraTaken by Truls Tiller on February 2014 @ Spaceweather said that it was a slite chance of aurora tonight and boy you where right. Took my car and went to a place called Lavangsdalen just outside Tromsø. BANG and the sky just explodet in auror

Het Noorderlicht moet je gezien hebben om de intentie ervan te ervaren.

An aurora like an explosion over Donnelly Creek, Alaska Photographed by NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center js


lights the northern lights in the Northern Urals March 2015 .Push and chose .

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aurora borealis -- norwegen lofoten-- northern lights #by Lorenzo Riva

Only few days left and I’ll be back in Lofoten Islands visiting again this wonderful arctic archipelago. This one is from my first visit 2 years ago, an unforgettable night of dancing lights in Uttakleiv Beach.


~~Where the Wild Things Are aurora borealis and lone tree, Norway by Ole Henrik Skjelstad~~