handmade birthday card from I'm in Haven . Penny Black balloon died cut in bright colors with string hanging down . chevron stencil using a die cut and acetate for the gray on gray background . white embossed sentiment on vellum belly band

carta i love

10 Chulas y creativas ideas para dar un regalo

pop up valentine's day card {cute} this links to tons of cute cards!

Tarjeta feliz cumpleaños

card critters dog scottie terrier balloon balloons : The Spotted Chick: Happy Birthday LouLou! kraft base with gel pen faux stitched border . giant red with white polka dot fills the top third . cute dog sitting with string in paws

Okul çocuklarının yapabileceği çok güzel tebrik kartı. Ben bayram kartı olarak düşündüm. Öğrencilerime yaptırıcam inşaAllah.. Sizlerde çoc...

Or to close, put a slit top of one side, bottom of the other side of the butterfly, (leaving flat the butterflies wings flat slide into each other