Jack Nicholson on a Flathead

Actor Jack Nicholson on a Flathead Harley Bobber (with Springer forks) while filming the movie “Rebel Rousers”.

Celebs Who Ride Motorcycles | Lenny Kravitz Takes A Ride Through Miami | Celebrity Cars Blog

Men Motorcycle - Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. They dressed up a Triumph to look like a German bike. One of the coolest motorcycle chase scenes put to film.

Johnny Depp on a Harley-Davidson K model

Back in before Johnny Depp was the major A-list actor he is today, he starred in the John Waters cult musical comedy 'Cry-Baby,' about.

Bad Ass Biker Snapshots : Adam Kimmel and Carhartt USA

Bad Ass Biker Snapshots

Jesus Hair Editorials - If Jesus were a biker, he’d look like Patrick Petitjean in the recent Vogue Homme International. The editorial ‘On the Road’ plac.

Clint Eastwood was well known for his love of cars and motorcycles in the '60s and '70s, he especially loved British marques like Jaguar, Austim Healy and motorcycle marque Norton.

Clint Eastwood on his Norton Commando

This photo of Clint Eastwood sitting on a Norton Commando 750 S appeared in a 2007 issue of Classic Bike magazine. Apparently when he was younger, Eastwood was an admirer of British cars and motorcycles. The bike is a rare [.

Ce tir de Steve McQueen dans le désert de Californie sur sa Husqvarna dirt bike genre de montre pourquoi les gens font du vélo de saleté dans le désert. Parce qu'il est un défi incroyable et un sentiment incroyable de le surmonter ...


June 1971 – Steve McQueen riding his Husqvarna 400 motorcycle in the Mojave Desert — Photo by Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images