kekeke we always see that EXO is wearing good looking clothes on that we also want to wear but then in the end we see our oppas wearing this~?? kekeke EXO haven't you seen this yet~!? kekeke

I think besides the self proclaimed pervert shirt of Kris, Chen has an amazing one too.

they shouldn't let art wander around outside the museum like that

I'll never forget the dream I dreamt about meeting Kai. Don't how how/why it happened, as he's never been my bias. But now, because of the dream, he holds a special place in my

Baconee Lamo

I have nothing to say behalve Sehun the politician . TOO FUNNY XD hahahaha and Baekhyun ."no comment" this Bacon XD According to Mnet America

Lolol Sehunnie chanyeol is staring at me from the background

Kai ~EXO~~~~He's doing it again.

Kai ~EXO~~~~He's doing it again.<---What is he doing exactly?

[180223-24] #EXO #KAI @ElyXion in Osaka

[180223-24] #EXO #KAI @ElyXion in Osaka

EXO | Shared Folder | •Kpop• Amino

EXO | Shared Folder | •Kpop• Amino