Takashi Amano

Takashi Amano e seu paisagismo aquático via @pristinaorg

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Very large custom palu with internal "sump" and detailed step-by-step of build. For aquaponics and vivarium

Natural Rock - rochas naturais para aquários de água doce diversos como comunitários, plantados e de ciclídeo africanos. Lindos padrões.

A great deal of men and women love aquascapes since they give us a way to experience a completely different world. Every aquascape needs to have a focus. The real key to any excellent aquascape is to begin at the bottom.

Foto: 180-Gallon Drop-Off Tank I would love to have a tank like this someday; it is unique and would work great for African cichlids.

A really interesting and artistic aquarium filled with cichlids such as this one.or multiple aquariums around the house such as this one if I ever make that much moola.

Stunning Aquascape Design Ideas 53

Stunning Aquascape Design Ideas 53

Low Tech Tank Show-and-Tell (low tech can be lush, too! =) - Page 48 - The Planted Tank Forum

Plants were in amazing form. Just like the rockwork, it's better to stick with a single sort of plant. Ten good high quality plastic plants of the exact same type may look very good, but ten distinct species just resembles a jumble.

Best Aquascaping Freshwater 103 | by  Rebbeca Steward meowlogy.com

Best Aquascaping Freshwater 103