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I've always wondered if they'd bloom as a Bonsai...

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Mame – Trabalhos de vários artistas | Aido Bonsai

Mame – Trabalhos de vários artistas

Bonsai by ihsan efeoglu on 500px

Check out these totally amazing beautiful bonsai photos from around the world captured by expert photographers at

Japanese Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree. #bonsai

Japanese Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree(chaenomles 'toyo-nishiki')

Click Image Above To Purchase: Japanese Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree (chaenomles 'toyo-nishiki')

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~ Coral Bonsai ~

Bonsai come in many varieties. Some of the best bonsai tree flowers are Bougainvillea, azalea and powder puff.

JP: Juniperus Chinese

View topic - UBI 2009 - Italy with a Bonsai Flavor

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