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Happened often during a test.

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Funny pictures about Test taking logic. Oh, and cool pics about Test taking logic. Also, Test taking logic.

 so getting a dinosaur!!         This one is for @Sylvia Latham

"If history repeats itself, I'm so getting a dinosaur. Do you think there's room in your backyard for a dinosaur?


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"When I leave work, I'm gonna hit the gym, fold laundry, get some cleaning donna and cook food." Also me 4 hours after getting home.

I did not hit you...I simply high-fived your face....this looks like us as kids...except we had hair....lots and lots of hair...

I Did Not Hit You. I Simply...

Oh boy!that's funny :-) I run into people at work I want to "high five" in the face some times :-S

At first I was like "YEAH! I DO" Then i was like "....oh....BAHAHAHAHAHA"


You know that awesome feeling when you finally understand math? - hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhah pretty much!

first world problem

20 First World problems (20 Photos)

first world problem. This is horrible especially when you are so exciting to have a bowl of cereal with cold milk :) mmm.

This is definitely you Ashley! hehe

We Can't All Be the Princess Postcard

this one is for my sister and daughter.like a princess.I am the QUEEN not the princess!

Renaissance meme

35 Medieval Reactions That Will Never Stop Being Funny :: dying :: tears :: laughing so hard

Omg! When people swoon over babies! The theory of babies are cute. But babies in reality all look the same and are ugly and gross....truth.

LMAO, I think it's less the new parents asking and more everyone else that sees baby that wants to say who it looks like, but I agree. Total alien old man potato.