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{All of ashton irwin punk edits} "hey im Ashton. Call me ash or ashy and you die. Im 18 and single. Im in a band and ya. I hate people so dont be hurt if I dont talk to you. I live with my mates and if you hurt them I will kill you. I am very protetive at times. People describe me as a bitch or a dick. I dont really care. I get in fights a lot and I always win" I smirk "Anyways say hi I dont bite...hard" I smirk

This is actually really attractive, but I don't think it matches his personality

Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds of Summer omg a punk edit ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooooddddddd

My boyfriend Ashton, He's Funny, adorable and oh so lovable, 18 and in a band

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Ashton is a fan.>>Repining cause of that comment>> I wonder if they have to pay for their own merch or they just steal it. Probably steal it. Lol

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{Punk Ashton Irwin} Hey I'm Ashton Irwin! I'm the drummer for 5 Seconds Of Summer! I'm 21 and single! I luv cuddles! *i giggle* I also like to hangout by the beach or watch the stars! I'm an angel! I am technical dead so.


But just imagine him comeing up behind you and wrapping his arms around ur waist and nuzzling his face in ur neck and kissing it. And he will spin u around and kiss ur lips really softly and someONE THAKE THIS DAMN PHONE AWAY!

I'm going to be spammimg Ashton photos for his bday yay!

Happy birthday ash a drummer is a very important person in a band bro love ya have an amazing day love

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What are you guys favorite artists or songs at the moment? I need some new music to take my mind off of what the boy's new music is going to sound like lol.

Honestly, holy crap. He looks so dang good. HOW DOES ONE HUMAN LOOK SO GOOD. HalP

At first I was like "ASDFGHJKL". Then I looked at this again and said "wow, I really love him. DANM IT ASH!