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Ok then..

dave and john as parents. I AM DYING! (I don't think I ship this but I might idk wat.) BUT I AM DYINGGGGGGG (davejohn) // serously, Dave as a dad is just the most awesome thing ever

Why I love Andrew Hussie (not in that way you evil children)

The interview part is a reference from a song called "I'm a boss" they just put it huss. It's a pretty fuckin weird song

Even grub Karkat is an asshole.>>>are you referring to this comic? Cause that's Sollux and Mituna

Everything about this. Dave's symbol, the chip bags, everything

This is just funny period ( nice art to)

The Psiionic and grub Sollux sorry if I spelled Psiionic wrong :P<<< No, no, its right; Psiionic or Ψsiionic

Karkat is totally left handed. So in with this headcanon

Karkat is totally left handed. So in with this headcanon<i think he actually is right handed, BUT on alternia it's "normal" to be left handed, so Karkat is the only right handed troll

This is adorable :)

Johnxdave one of my fav ships!<<< I don't ship it, but I love the goofy awkwardly awesome content it creates! <<< Pepsicola all the way!

Tags: Anime, Camera, Laughing, Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, John Egbert, Jin-nyeh. Did I pin this yet? It doesn't seem to warn me........

Anime Karkat and John.Optimus prime is currently exploding from cuteness.

This is the cutest photo ever

davejohn <<< Isn't this and America? Tune in next Time on: I didn't know this was Homestuck!<<I thought it was homestuck then hetalia, then it was confirmed homestuck, stop messing with ma mind