This is literally one of my favorite poems ever; past, present, and future.

I refuse to sink. ⚓

You've got me thinking about being wrapped up in you, and the way you taste, and how your lips feel against mine.


My Favorite Thing to Fight For My Favorite Thing to Fight For “I’m not asking for a fairy tale. Not the pumpkin. Not the dress. But I expect that both of us are going to show up to this thing like.

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If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.-- i am in love with this poem… really am. this is so beautiful. and i love this poet so much!

How do you know you love her

How do you know you love her? Cos sometimes the past suddenly shows up and you cant help feeling that way again❤

I often, quite often actually, entertain this thought that one day, near or far, we will share a moment, any moment, and it will wash all the hurt away from her heart.

I could be a tidal wave that washes away the foundation of a barely built sandcastle

Whatever you need me to be.

i want to be simple with you. and i want to be everything that you need me to be.

You are my what if ;)

You are my what if. What if a shooting star granted my wish. And what if you loved me, in every way that I love you. And what if, I am for you, as you are for me. -- Absolutely love this! You are my what if .