Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Vote like your lady parts depend on it.

Everyone's having babies and getting engaged and I'm just here studying for college

Not that being married or having Children is a bad thing it is pretty awesome as well but just for those moments when I get that look ohhh your single . Hahah working and going to college is awesome too :)

I wish I could trade my heart in for another liver. Then I could drink more and care less.

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: I wish I could trade my heart in for another liver. Then I could drink more and care less.

Sorry... I was only picking up what you were laying down, and so it slipped...

if only I could stop walking on eggshells with some people and say the things I know everyone else is thinking too. but walking on eggshells about as well. funny enough, my husband truly practices this and does it perfectly.

Ecard - running motivation funny card

funny quotes ecards running with you clown chasing us bloody knife margaritas finish line

Why not go do some fun stuff, like traveling, before you settle down with a guy and even a family forever?

Funny Wedding Ecard: Getting married before the age of 25 sounds a lot like leaving a party before 10 PM to me. well-i-thought-it-was-funny

That IS totally why were meant for each other! Lololol

Is it weird that this holds more truth to my best friend than it does to my boyfriend?

oh so glad there is an e-card to remind me of this.....

i truly dont think this will ever happen. at ANY point in your life your going to think at a certain age youd have your shit together. what is "having your shit together" anyways. fuck it.

Pintester- this girl is hilarious! She writes a blog about all the stuff she tries on pinterest  what works  what FAILS. --- Friends: Im crying Im laughing so hard. Seriously...need a laugh? READ THIS! -- pin now read later?

Pintester- this girl is hilarious! She writes about what FAILS. --- Friends: I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Please read!

open mind: consider perspective: illegal immigration is not a new problem. Native Americans used to call it White people.


Hahahah"I'm really trying to be fabulous today but I was so fucking fabulous last night I'm exhausted"